Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Cache of Cards from Cardboard Collections

I would like to say that I recently took part in a group break over at Cardboard Collections - but seeing as how the box of cards on my desk is postmarked September 4th, I suppose it wasn't all that recently!

No matter, what actually happened is Colbey sent me both my group break loot and my half of a trade we worked out, so the box is overflowing with goodies!  For now, let's look at the group break portion of the haul.

The group break was a good one because Colbey busted a whole lot of Stadium Club stuff - some of my favorite sets!  Unfortunately for me, I didn't end up with a lot of new cards since I tend to scoop up Stadium Club Reds whenever I see them...  Even so, there were a few gems - and some new trade bait!

We begin with my favorite photo out of the Stadium Club cards that I ended up with - a nice Bret Boone action shot.

I think it's actually the combination of the determination, flying dust, and the Reds' white striped pajama uniforms that makes this card so great.

Boone wasn't the only good card though there was a sinister looking Hal Morris that liked...

And a one-card Bipping!

I managed to land four of the gold parallels (I forget what they were called in Stadium Club).  Unfortunately, none of my gold cards would be considered parallels of good players - but that's par for the course for mid-90s Reds unfortunately.

I landed a single Virtual Reality card - this time of a pitcher who wasn't awful all the time (John Smiley).

The Virtual Reality cards were supposed to be a "what if" the strike didn't happen...  According to the back of Smiley's card, he "beat Houston in NL Central's deciding game on October 2."  Yeah, you read the right.  The only championship the Reds won from 1991 until three years ago was a fake one.


Moving on, there was a single 2008 Stadium Club card in the mix - this of Edinson Volquez.

I only mention that because I'm still looking for a select few 2008 Stadium Club cards for my own set!

Finally, although I didn't get Bipped by Bip Roberts in the break, I did get "Ronned"!

Thanks for the break Colbey - and I will post the next portion of the box's contents soon.


Roy-Z said...

I miss Stadium Club.

Scott Sawyer said...

I believe they were called Rainbow parallels.

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