Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Parallel - But It's One I Want!

It's time for the tenth pack of the 2000 Skybox Metal box - and the second pack of the day.  Enjoy.

Pack 11:
4.  Javy Lopez
7.  Richie Sexson
24.  Chipper Jones

60.  Carl Everett
110.  Corey Koskie
137.  Mike Lieberthal
142.  Charles Nagy
177.  J.D. Drew
186.  Roger Clemens
68.  Emerald Parallel:  Scott Williamson

It's not often I pull a Reds parallel so I was happy to land the Williamson!  I wish I could have pulled the Larkin Emerald card, but I suppose beggars shouldn't be choosers.  


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