Sunday, November 11, 2012

Barry Larkin Collection 147: 1997 Pinnacle Certified - #25

Barry Larkin
Year:  1997
Brand:  Pinnacle Certified
Card number:  25

The late 90s saw card companies try a lot of different things, some of their attempts have proved popular enough to continue to this day (autographs, relics, die-cuts, etc.).  However, despite the many advances for baseball cards, the 90s also saw a few ideas that weren't so good.  One of those ideas is the "peel off" wrap for a baseball card.  As any collector will tell you, the peel off wrap looks awful - but actually taking the wrapping off feels wrong.  It's a dilemma that card collectors shouldn't have to deal with!

As for the card itself, the front isn't very exciting but I kind of like the back.  It wouldn't be readable now with all the interleague play nonsense, but it worked for the time.


Anonymous said...

The 1997 Pinnacle cards look very nice. Do you have the 1996 Topps Laser Larkin?

FanOfReds said...

I don't think I have the '96 Laser card!

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