Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Braves and Dodgers Inserts!

I always find it interesting to see what player is assigned the first card in a set.  For the 2000 Skybox Metal set, that honor goes to Tony Gwynn.  How do I know that?  He was the first card in my next pack of cards...

Pack 04:
1.  Tony Gwynn

2.  Derek Jeter
5.  Preston Wilson
30.  Juan Encarnacion
46.  Damion Easley
54.  Mark Grace
187.  Al Martin
198.  Ivan Rodriguez
10 of 15 F.  Fusion:  Chipper Jones & Andruw Jones

I pulled a really nice Chipper insert card yesterday.  I guess it's "another day, another Chipper insert" here at Nachos Grande!
10 of 10 PP.  Platinum Portraits:  Shawn Green

Another insert card - and for the second time I opened a pack with both a Fusion insert (seeded 1:4 packs) and a Platinum Portraits card (seeded 1:8 packs).  If the odds are correct, I don't expect to see too many more packs like that!


night owl said...

I've lost track of whether you're collecting this set. If not, save that Shawn Green card -- as weird as it is -- for me.

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