Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poll Results as of 11:30 AM...

A few days ago, I asked you to vote for my next theme week.  Here are the current results.  I will leave the poll open until Sunday morning, so if you haven't voted yet please do so here!

A.  Dinosaur Week    (6.5 votes)
B.  2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Week  (0 votes)
C.  Lego Minifigure Week    (1.5 votes)
D.  1800s Allen & Ginter Week   (5 votes)
E.  something else (specify in the comments)
F.  Lego dinosaurs featured on 2012 A&G cards, aged to look like 1800 A&G cards   (1 vote)

As you can see, it's a close vote - probably coming down to either dinosaurs or 1800s Allen & Ginter cards.  Which will reign supreme - and thus get an entire week devoted to it?  Your vote determines the outcome.

Also, I put Jeff Wilk's awesome choice at letter F just for kicks.  I laughed when I read it - and if I had some sort of photoshop skills I would totally do that.  Unfortunately, my photoshop skills are worse than my writing skills...

At the moment, I find it interesting that not a single person voted for 2012 Allen & Ginter.  Are we all really that burned out on the new products!?


Roy-Z said...

Allen & Ginter's charm is wearing off.

I just want Stadium Club back at this point.

Ana Lu said...

Ohhh Lego didn't make it...But your last post made me smile with your 3 new figures.

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