Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ripken Jr. Fusion!

The pack from the morning might have been sort of dull - this pack makes up for it.

Pack 07:

12.  Nomar Garciaparra

I'm just happy I finally learned how to spell his name!

44.  Pedro Martinez
50.  Randy Johnson
111.  Bernie Williams
121.  Tino Martinez
138.  Chris Carpenter
150.  Craig Biggio
183.  Fred McGriff
10 of 15 F.  Fusion:  Cal Ripken Jr. & Mike Mussina

Another Fusion card - this time of one of my favorite (non-Reds) player of all-time - Cal Ripken Jr.

210.  Emerald Parallel (Prospect):  Kevin Barker

The worst card in the pack is probably the emerald parallel of Kevin Barker - and even that is seeded at a relatively rare 1:8 packs.  Look at the star power in the pack, good stuff here for sure!


Ryan H said...

Sweet Ripken/Mussina card!

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