Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Theme Week: Paper Dinosaurs!

Welcome back to another Dinosaur Theme Week post.  Today's post was supposed to be an epic post detailing all of the dinosaurs in John Montroll's Prehistoric Origami book.  I own ~100 origami books but I'm fairly certain that I've only ever completed every single model in one book - this one!  I'll attribute my completion success to a few things, one the book as a nice progression from easy to hard models and two, the book combines origami and dinos, two of my favorite things!

Unfortunately for me, "real life" has gotten in the way over the last week or two and my free time for blogging has taken a significant hit.  I did mange to fold two of the models for your viewing pleasure though...

Apatosaurus & Dimetrodon:

If you've ever thought about taking up origami and want a book that has plenty of fun models to fold (but which aren't too taxing on your manual dexterity), I highly recommend Montroll's Prehistoric Origami!


Anonymous said...

That is really cool!! I have never seen that before!

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