Wednesday, November 28, 2012

They Can't All Be Winners

This is the sixth pack out of the Skybox Metal box - and while the first five packs were all good in their own right, this one is fairly mundane.  Actually, check that.  This pack sucks.

Pack 06:
10.  Carlos Beltran
A Royal.  Who collects Royals?

57.  Moises Alou
Oh great, an Astro.  A team so bad it is moving to a new league this year.

98.  Bobby Higginson
The Tigers have been good lately, but that's because of Verlander.  Early 2000s Tiger teams weren't so good if I recall.

101.  Shannon Stewart
I would make the same crack about who collects Blue Jays except there are a few people out there who go after the lone Canadian baseball team.  

102.  Ryan Rupe
Who?  And it's not even a short printed prospect card.  

105.  Greg Maddux

Ok, ok.  Maddux is good - and the photo of him batting is kind of cool (the picture on the front shows Maddux in his follow through from throwing a pitch).

124.  Ron Gant
Gant was a decent player I guess, but decent doesn't make for an exciting pack.

161.  Orel Hershiser
Whenever I think of Orel now, I think of him announcing for the Little League World Series.  I doubt he'd appreciate that.

191.  Shawn Estes
I used to build Estes rockets when I was younger.  I wonder if there's a connection there?

202.  Prospect short print:  Norm Hutchins

Yep, I got a short print but it's of some guy who I never heard of who happens to play for the Angels, another team that seemingly has no collectors.  One of my goals for 2013 should be to make a list of all the collectors for each of the different MLB squads.  Then at least I'd know who I could pawn off such cards on - however, I won't be trying to trade this card (or any of the other cards) unless they wind up being duplicates for me since I'm currently planning on trying to complete the full set!


Josh D. said...

Beltran AND Hershiser??? Sounds like a hot pack to me! :-)

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