Monday, November 12, 2012

Who Needs 2012 Topps Archives?

I've had a big 'ol pile of Topps Archives sitting on my desk for months now.  You can find a card-by-card breakdown of my extras for trade here.  I'm also still working on the set - you can find my full want list here but if you are interested in helping me out with my final few Archives cards, here's what I still need.

2012 Topps Archives:Base:  203,230Topps 3D:  Mickey MantleClassic Combos:  58- KK, LM, SC, SFIn Action:  82IA- CR, I, JE, JH, KGArchive reprints: 164 Roberto Clemente295 Gary Carter

For the record, I'll happily trade a boatload of cards (especially the base cards) for even one or two of the remaining cards I need!


Roy-Z said...

Chris, if you have the Blue Jays from the set I would like to grab them from you. I'll let you know what I can send.

Ryan G said...

Chris, I posted a comment on your A&G trade bait page. I have some Japanese lego minifigures and a team set of 2012 Sega CardGen Reds cards for you in return! Let me know...

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