Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Eve Pack

It's Christmas Eve which is a time for lots of fun with family and friends.  Of course, it's also fun to open up packs of cards - here's another one out of the 2001 Upper Deck Vintage box.  I plan on having a few posts go up throughout the day, but in case you miss them later because of your own family events (gotta love the post scheduling option), Merry Christmas to all!

Pack 17:
107.  Jeff Suppan
121.  Bobby Higginson
195.  Mark Loretta
223.  Erubiel Durazo
227.  Todd Stottlemyre
313.  Kris Benson
316.  Francisco Cordova
350.  Royals rookies (Wilson, Moreno, Brown)
376.  N.L. Division Series - Game 2 (J.T. Snow)

M13.  Matinee Idols:  Jason Giambi

Not a bad pack seeing as how we nabbed another Matinee Idol insert.  The post season cards are well done too, I've enjoyed reading each one.  You get the full box score for both teams on the back of the card (actually you get the full hitting stats, no pitching stats).


Ryan G said...

Giambi has the creepiest, most uncomfortable-looking face I've ever seen. Does he have to go to the bathroom? "Just one more shot, Jason, for our throwback's insert set. Okay, smile... no, no, look happy..."

I'm enjoying these posts, wishing I could bust a box or two of something myself. I'll get my chance next month...

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too!

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