Friday, December 21, 2012

At the Halfway Mark...

The pack below is pack #12 in the box - which means after it is opened we will have exactly half of the box completed.  It's always sad to pass the halfway mark in a box since it means the end is now closer than the beginning.

Pack 12:
2.  Seth Etherton
44.  Ryan Rupe
57.  Alex Rodriguez

Didn't I get one of these already?  Oh wait, the other one was of A-rod at this press conference and has him listed as a Ranger (and is card #89 in the set).
61.  Edgar Martinez
130.  Eric Milton
143.  Paul Konerko
161.  New York Yankees

That's probably way too many Yankees to ever show in a single blog post.  Sorry about that.
311.  Warren Morris
312.  John Vander Wal
391.  AL Batting Leaders (Garciaparra, Erstad, Ramirez, Delgado, Jeter)


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