Monday, December 17, 2012

I Don't Think The Yankees Played Oakland in the World Series.

Last night, I announced that this week would be Original Allen & Ginter Week here at Nachos Grande. However, I also mentioned that I would continue to open the packs from the 2001 UD Vintage box at the same time.  For now, you get a pack out of the Vintage box.  Come back to the blog at 6:00 PM EST tonight and you can see some real vintage!

Pack 05:
30.  Carlos Delgado
Ugh, my second duplicate out of the box (and we are only 5 packs in).  I might have to think about purchasing a second box of this set if I'm actually going to have any shot at completing it.  I doubt most of you have much '01 Vintage sitting around just waiting to be traded away anymore.
43.  Miguel Cairo
55.  Kenny Lofton
78.  Luis Matos
90.  Kenny Rogers

This is about as much of an "action shot" as you will find in the UD Vintage set!
142.  Jon Garland
184.  Andy Ashby
272.  Derek Lee
305.  Kent Bottenfield
375.  Postseason Scrapbook - World Series (?) Game 5 (Tino Martinez)

Just in case the "bonus pack" of Yankees cards isn't enough, there is also a postseason subset that features plenty of Yankees.  The back of the card claims this is the World Series but the card features game 5 between the Yankees and Athletics.  Now, I know the Astros are changing leagues this year, but to the best of my knowledge the Yankees and the Oakland Athletics have always been in the same league...which means this card can't be talking about the World Series.  


arpsmith said...

I have about 40 different cards from this set so once you have a want list together drop me a line.

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