Thursday, December 20, 2012

Original Allen & Ginter Week: The World's Beauties

Allen & Ginter published two different series of The World Beauties - each of which had different subjects.  I happened to find a card from the first series (which was published in 1888).  I suppose people in the 1800s were the same as people in the 2000s...that is, they all like pretty ladies!

My particular set representative is of Louise Montague "the $10,000 beauty."  I had never heard of Miss Montague before but according to this site she was the winner of the first known beauty pageant (which was held by Adam Forepaugh who was a circus owner).  Montague won the grand prize ($10,000) and hence her nickname was born.

If you ask me, Montague's look does appear to be fairly timeless, and I could see her winning a contest (which apparently included some sort of questions to which Montague was able to succeed with flying colors).  That said, she's no Marissa Miller or Kate Upton.  (I always did like the blondes better, what can I say?)

The entire checklist can be found below (courtesy of this site):

  • Albani
  • Miss Mary Anderson
  • Belle Archer
  • Miss Billie Barlow
  • Kate Bartiett
  • Lilia Blow
  • Marie Borroughs
  • Miss Maud Branscombe
  • Emma Carson
  • Leslie Chester
  • Estelle Clayton
  • Mrs. President Cleveland
  • Rose Coghlan
  • Ethel Corlette
  • The Countess of Dalhousie
  • Dauvrey
  • Miss Fanny Davenport
  • Jessie Bartlett Davis
  • Egyptian Beauty
  • Princess Eulalia of Spain
  • Miss Fortesque
  • Mollie Fuller
  • Mrs. George Gould
  • Maud Granger
  • Paulina Hall
  • Miss Agnes Huntington
  • Marie Jensen
  • Marchioness of Kildara
  • Pauline L’Allemand
  • Mrs. Langtry
  • Lotta
  • Margaret Mather
  • Louise Montague The $10,000 Beauty
  • Emma Nevada
  • Nillson
  • Minnie Palmer
  • Adelina Patti
  • Louise Paullin
  • Mrs. James Brown Potter
  • Ada Rehan
  • Miss Fannie Rice
  • Annie Robe
  • Lillian Russell
  • Miss Ethel Selwyn
  • Helen Standish
  • Miss Ellen Terry
  • Theo
  • Donna Valliard
  • The Vienna Beauty
  • The Princess of Wales


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