Saturday, December 22, 2012

Professor or Ballplayer?

Today's a busy day for me - I have my wife's family Christmas party to get ready for.  As such, there's not much time for blogging so here's a quick pack break.

Pack 14:
51.  Manny Ramirez
68.  Seattle Mariners
132.  J.C. Romero
154.  Jorge Posada
210.  Eric Young
222.  Jay Bell

Professor or ball player?  You be the judge.
287.  Tony Gwynn
306.  Pat Burrell
342.  Athletics rookies (Hart, Ortiz, Encarnacion)
G8.  Glory Days:  Barry Bonds

This is the second Glory Days insert out of the box.  Seeing as they are seeded 1:15 packs, we beat the odds ever so slightly by nabbing two of them.  Too bad the design isn't a bit more interesting, huh?


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