Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Emerald Indian

It's just a bit after noon EST so you better believe that it's time for another pack of cards!  I'm glad to see that quite a few people are enjoying my (slow) box bust of 2000 Skybox Metal.  For awhile there, my blog readership had dipped wayyyy down, so far down in fact that I had dipped (and stayed) under 100 daily visitors for awhile.  I'm certainly cognizant of the fact that I'm not the world's best writer, but I still appreciate all of the support.  I can say that once the semester is officially over and I don't have to worry about the daily grind of lesson plans and grading, I have some neat things lined up for the blog.  Until then though, there's this box of cards sitting here that's just begging to get collated - and the only way for me to do that is for me to open up all the packs.

Pack 21:
9.  Billy Wagner
29.  Jeff Bagwell
64.  Magglio Ordonez
68.  Scott Williamson
88.  Kenny Rogers
118.  Todd Walker
140.  Mike Sweeney
171.  Warren Morris
193.  Eric Karros
41.  Emerald parallel:  Jim Thome

If I'm going to get a non-Reds Emerald parallel card, I would certainly prefer it to be of someone like Thome who plays for a team that has plenty of collectors out there.  I'm planning on making a full trade post once the entire Metal box is busted - and for now my plan is to offer up all the duplicates plus the various (non-Reds) Emerald parallels, which would include Thome!



Oh, Oh, I have almost 900 Indian Thomes, but I need that one !! You are on my list for a package anyway and I will make it extra special if I can get the emerald Thome !!

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