Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Last Pack of Metal: Autographics Edition!

I've teased the fact that my box had a hit in it, and while that's technically true I can't say it's much of a hit.  I should add that the autographics insert cards are seeded 1:96 packs so the mere fact that I pulled one (any auto at all) is amazing given my usual luck.  It's probably because someone bought this box for me rather than me picking it out myself!

Pack 28:
34.  Scott Erickson
79.  Dante Bichette
107.  Rey Ordonez
123.  Ben Grieve
154.  Trevor Hoffman
163.  Kris Benson
164.  Kevin Young
183.  Al Leiter
250.  Prospect:  Rick Ankiel

Autographics:  Glen Barker

I like the fact that the autograph is on card!  Although not easy to tell by the photo, Barker was a Houston Astro, so any Astros fans out there interested in acquiring this autograph?  According to baseball reference, Barker spent three years in the big leagues and hit a whopping 3 home runs.  His .232 batting average was made worse by his 18 caught stealings (as compared to 30 stolen bases over his career).  In Barker's final year of big league ball, he had an OPS+ of -14.  He's certainly no A-rod or Cal Ripken Jr. (some of the other autographics names that I could have pulled from the box).  Even so, I'm happy with a surprise hit from a decade (plus) old box!


Roy-Z said...

Nice! I forget what the odds of getting an Autographics was in '00 Metal. I'm going to look at my doubles stack and my own set needs for this, maybe we can help each other out. I know I only need two from the Talent Show set, but not sure if you pulled them.

But man, and OPS+ of -14? That's Morgan Ensberg territory.

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