Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Great Pack of Cards - Plus a Pack to be Named Later

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I recently received a box of 1999 Fleer Ultra that I've decided to slowly open on the blog.  (What can I say, it's a slow time of year for baseball card news!)  Anyhow, today I'm going to open up two more packs (but one you'll have to click over to A Pack to Be Named Later this evening).  We'll call that pack "Pack 3" so here's the next one (even if chronologically things are a bit muddied since this post goes live before the APtBNL pack does).

Pack 4:
7.  Barry Larkin

Heck yeah!  One of my favorite thing about opening boxes from around the turn of the millennium is that there are often Barry Larkin cards to be found.  For some reason, I believe that I already have this card (even though I haven't yet featured it in my Barry Larkin Collection series).  I have featured four other Fleer Larkin cards from 1999 though, so that's something!

36.  Darin Erstad
46.  Reggie Jefferson
75.  A.J. Hinch
77.  Jay Buhner
106.  Ray Durham
150.  Pedro Martinez

I like this photo quite a bit - it brings out the fan in me I guess.

161.  Mark Grace
190G.  Gold Medallion:  Roger Clemens

I'm thinking someone out there wants this card...

10 of 20 BO.  The Book On:  Mo Vaughn

The Book On inserts are seeded 1:6 packs and happen to have a raised front.  It's a kind of cool idea I guess, certainly better than "diamond duos" or whatever lame excuse Topps uses to pair old and new athletes in their inserts.


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