Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Toca Card.

By the time I'm done ripping the next two packs, we will be at the halfway point for the 2000 Topps Finest box in the group break.  Will the next pair of packs produce anything awesome?  Let's find out.

Pack 11:
183.  Tino Martinez - Yankees
215.  Vinny Castialla - Rays
238.  Eric Valent - Phillies
241.  Adam Dunn - Reds
242.  Jorge Toca - Mets

245.  Jason Grilli - Marlins

Without looking back to make certain, it seems only the Toca card is new for the box.  What terrible collation in the Finest box thus far.  The second half of the box better be awesome to make up for the duplicates (and triplicates).  Pack win goes to the Mets for new Toca.

Pack 12:
170.  Andres Galarraga - Braves

198.  Roger Cedeno - Astros
225.  Raul Mondesi - Dodgers
237.  Gookie Dawkins - Reds
239.  Peter Bergeron - Expos
243.  Ryan Anderson - Mariners

I think the Galarraga card is the best of the pack - pack win to Atlanta.  

And with that, the Topps Finest box is halfway complete.  Admittedly, other than for the Red Sox, this box has been underwhelming so far.  However, it only takes one great card to change everything!


unclemoe said...

Galarraga over Gookie and the little unit?


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