Sunday, January 13, 2013

Delivery Time! Eric Davis Autograph (and other goodies) from Waxaholic

I have a small pile of envelopes sitting near my desk that I need to blog about - most of which are trades that I completed last year...  I've got to get the 2012 stuff out of the way before I can move into 2013, right?

Today's trade post is courtesy of Brian over at the bikini-licious Waxaholic.  This trade was actually agreed to (and my portion sent) back in August of 2012.  I'm guessing that Brian sent his return package around that time but honestly I don't remember - and it doesn't much matter since it took me months and months before I got around to posting about it!

I'll start with the crown jewel of the package:

That's right - and Eric Davis (as a Red) autograph.  Some might quibble that it's a sticker autograph but to them I say, pish posh.  This card is beautiful!

It wasn't all beautiful cards though - Brian helped me out with some of the decidedly ugly 1991 Dornuss set...

Even better, he inched me ever so close to completing the 1991 Score set.

And, to end the post with something that might interest more of you - here's a bunch of 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game cards that I needed.

Thanks for the great trade Brian - sorry it took me months and months to get something posted!


Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Let's try this again. WOW! That's a really nice auto! Kind of makes me want to get one of his too. Nice addition to your collection!

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