Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Group Break: 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants!

It's time to open up the final box in the group break - 2005 UD Past Time Pennants.  Each box contains one Mitchell & Ness Wool Pennant and 20 (5 card) packs.  The box is supposed to contain 2 signatures as well.  As you can tell, it should be a fun product to bust!

First up, the pennant:

Congrats to the Twins on a really awesome looking pennant.  I can't lie, I was hoping for the Reds pennant but no such luck this time around!

The pennant also came with a card that talks about the 1965 American League Champion Twins of which the pennant is celebrating (a very nice touch if you ask me).

2005 UD Past Time Pennant:
Pack 1:
4.  Bill Mazeroski - Pirates
16.  Catfish Hunter - Yankees
33.  Gaylord Perry - Giants
81.  Tom Seaver - Mets

88.  Willie McCovey - Giants

After exactly one pack of the product I can tell you that I LOVE it!  In fact, this is instantly going on my list as a set that I'd love to collect someday.  Heck, I want to bust my own box - and get my own pennant!  I'm a sucker for sets featuring retired greats which is apparently what this set is all about (as you can tell, I did virtually no research when picking boxes to include in the group break)!  As for the pack win, I'm giving it to Seaver and the Mets because I like Tom Terrific...and I don't care that the Giants had two cards (both nice admittedly).

Pack 2:
24.  Eddie Mathews - Braves
31.  Fred Lynn - Red Sox
37.  Graig Nettles - Yankees
66.  Ralph Kiner - Pirates

86.  Whitey Ford - Yankees

I wanted to give the pack win to the Pirates because I love the Kiner card - but the Yankees were a bit better with the Nettles and the almost-as-awesome-as-the-Kiner card of Whitey Ford.


cynicalbuddha said...

I busted a box of this way back in '05 it was a lot of fun. I still have my pennent on the wall it's a 32 WS Cubs vs Yanks. And now i'm wishing I would have got in on the break. Damn all you guys doing group breaks at the same time!!! I'm definately in next one.

cynicalbuddha said...

I meant 38 World Series not 32

Crackin Wax said...

I just geeked out all over the place when I saw that Twins pennant. :O And that Ralph Kiner card looks sweet!

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