Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Group Break: It's a Good Pack if You Claimed the Orioles

This morning's pair of packs were pretty good (check the archives if you missed 'em).  Will the current duo of Play Ball packs be able to match the previous goodness?

Pack 13:
42.  Jose Reyes - Mets

83.  Kevin Brown - Yankees
113.  Shannon Stewart - Twins
128.  Phil Nevin - Padres
131.  Javy Lopez - Orioles

The Reyes is probably the best card in the pack - so pack win goes to the Mets.

Pack 14:
38.  Mike Mussina - Yankees
76.  Brian Giles - Padres
77.  Orlando Cabrera - Expos
94.  Jeremy Bonderman - Tigers
95.  Larry Walker - Rockies
RP-DC.  Rookie Portfolio Signatures:  Dave Crouthers - Orioles

And there's our autograph for the box (one per box is what is promised).  This is the Orioles second hit of the break (the other was also in the Play Ball box).  If the stated odds are correct, we shouldn't have any more hits in this box since we already found our two relics and now the one autograph.  Will we beat the odds?  I have no idea - but I'm excited to find out.  Pack win goes to the O's here (duh).


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