Saturday, January 19, 2013

Group Break: More Bonus Packs of Donruss Americana

The group break is almost complete.  In fact, by the end of the weekend it will be officially over!  Let's crack open a couple more Americana packs.

Pack 3:
15.  Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs
29.  Ty Hardin
37.  John Buccigross

72.  Anson Williams
80.  Paul Le Mat

I didn't recognize Buccigross from the (grainy) photo but at least he's someone that I do know a bit about (thanks sports)!

Pack 4:
15.  Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (again)
53.  Daniel Baldwin

57.  Geoff Stults
72.  Anson Williams (again)
95.  Peter Brown

Yep, an exciting bunch of bonus packs to be sure (sarcasm?)...


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