Sunday, January 13, 2013

Group Break: The Sunday Trio

Oh sure, it might be (sort of) early Sunday morning - but that's not going to stop me from busting some more packs of cards for the group break.  I can start to see the end of the busting tunnel now though - many of the remaining boxes are showing white in the bottom (at least for a stack or two worth of packs)!

2004 Upper Deck Play Ball:
Pack 10:

7.  Jason Giambi - Yankees
100.  Jerry Hairston Jr. - Orioles
116.  Brandon Phillips - Indians
130.  Carlos Lee - White Sox
143.  Rookie Portfolio:  Jamie Brown - Red Sox #0575/2004

I really wanted to give the pack win to the Indians for the nice Brandon Phillips card - but I can't ignore the serially numbered Red Sox card.  Congrats Boston on your fourth pack win of the break!  By the way, for those interested the Rookie Portfolio cards are seeded 1:16 packs so we beat the odds slightly since this is our second such card from the box!

Pack 11:
17.  Alfonso Soriano - Rangers
48.  Richie Sexson - Diamondbacks
67.  Miguel Tejada - Orioles
78.  Carlos Beltran - Royals
82.  Troy Glaus - Angels
AT-HM.  Artist's Touch:  Hideki Matsui - Yankees #081/250

Woah, that's a nice looking relic now isn't it (and numbered out of 250 with a nice pinstripe no less).  I like the fact that the swatch cut-out is in the shape of an artist's palette too - it complements the set theme well.  Congrats to New York on this pack win.

Pack 12:
31.  Vernon Wells - Blue Jays
64.  Jose Contreras - Yankees
73.  Ivan Rodriguez - Tigers
114.  Bobby Abreu - Phillies

122.  Torii Hunter - Twins

After the excitement of the previous pack, this one sure was a let-down.  In fact, it wasn't even easy to pick a decent card out of the pack, let alone a card worthy of bringing home the prestigious pack win.  That said, I have to pick a team - so Philly, you got it.  Whoopee.


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