Friday, January 11, 2013

Group Break: Wave of the Future (x2) and a Nice Parallel #/150

It's finally Friday!  This is my first week back at work - and so it felt twice as long as a usual week...I'm happy the weekend is almost here.  Want to know what else makes me happy?  Busting packs of cards.

2006 Fleer Flair Showcase:
Pack 7:

2.  Albert Pujols - Cardinals
22.  Ben Johnson - Padres
25.  Michael Young - Rangers
61.  Rafael Furcal - Dodgers
WF-14.  Wave of the Future:  Jason Kubel - Twins

For some reason, I like the Wave of the Future inserts (therefore Twins get the pack win).  Must be the warm ocean wave - much better than thinking about all the ice, snow, and mud that I have to deal with from November through May.

Pack 8:
36.  Jason Bergmann - Nationals
53.  Craig Biggio - Astros
66.  Alfonso Soriano - Nationals
WF-1.  Wave of the Future:  Jeremy Hermida - Marlins

88.  Jason Bay - Upper Deck Legacy parallel #138/150

Wow, that's a nice looking parallel!  The scan doesn't do the card justice - it's really shiny (and greenish), plus it's numbered out of 150 which is pretty good too, right?  Easy pack win for the Pirates!


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