Thursday, January 10, 2013

Group Break: Who Misses the World Baseball Classic (Anyone?)

I hope everyone is enjoying the group so far.  At the moment, two of the six boxes are completely opened.  As for the other four boxes?  Well, there's still quite a bit of packs to rip open.  I suppose I should stop talking and start opening, huh?

2006 Fleer Flair Showcase:
Pack 5:
12.  Gary Sheffield - Yankees
39.  Ichiro - Mariners
45.  Taylor Buchholz - Astros
69.  Richie Sexson - Mariners
CM-41.  Roger Clemens - USA

Since the Roger Clemens card doesn't have a team listed, I had to look up to see who he played for in 2005 (since this is the '06 set) - it was Houston so he goes in the Astros pile.  I think that's fair.  That said, I'm giving the pack award to the Mariners since the Ichiro is nice (and they got the Sexson as well).  Houston would have won but Clemens is pictured in his World Baseball Classic uniform - and have you met anyone who collects WBC cards?!

Pack 6:
18.  Vladimir Guerrero - Angels
38.  Jim Thome - White Sox
72.  Javy Lopez - Orioles
98.  Aubrey Huff - Rays
118.  Chad Cordero - Nationals (Field Box)

Most of the Flair Showcase packs have been good - but this one...not so much.  I'm giving the pack win to the Nationals because of the Field Box parallel, but honestly, no one deserves a win here.


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