Friday, January 11, 2013

More Gorgeous Pennant Cards!

It's 5:00 PM Friday which means I survived my first week back at work!  Actually, I had a fairly good week all things considered.  My classes seem (mostly) enthusiastic and things went about as well as anyone could reasonably hope for in the first week.  We'll see what the next few weeks bring I suppose.  On a more immediate note, let's see what the next two packs bring us in the group break.

2005 UD Past Time Pennants:
Pack 5:
1.  Al Kaline - Tigers

6.  Bob Feller - Indians
14.  Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox
50.  Kirby Puckett - Twins
79.  Steve Carlton - Phillies

How do you choose a "best" team out of that pack, sheesh!  I don't think you'd go wrong picking any of the five represented teams.  However, I have to pick one (and only one) so I'm awarding the pack win to the Tigers since I live the fact that there is a house in the background of Kaline's card.  

Pack 6:
38.  Harmon Killebrew - Twins

61.  Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
67.  Richie Ashburn - Phillies
71.  Rocky Colavito - Indians

89.  Willie Stargell - Pirates

This pack came down to a battle between Killebrew and Colavito.  Colavito's card features a great color shot with beautiful sky and a bright uniform coupled with a green wall and some vegetation.  Killebrew, however, manages to one-up Colavito.  His card features a wall with ads, more vegatation, and despite not being in color, Killebrew completes the knock out punch by having a shopping card make an appearance on the card.  Genius move - and pack win Twins!


Commishbob said...

And to think I had the Twins and dealt them for the Astros. :-(

I gotta tell you though, I have the Colavito card and it's possibly the sweetest looking card I own. I did a short post about it sometime back.

Crackin Wax said...

That Killer is almost as sweet as the Kaline!

Also, today is my Monday. I hate you.

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