Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Angry Alou

Can you believe it's a work day tomorrow.  Bummer.  Weekends go by way too quickly.  On to the packs.

2005 Upper Deck Pennants:
Pack 9:
18.  Dave Parker - Pirates
41.  Felipe Alou - Giants

48.  Juan Marichal - Giants
55.  Maury Wills - Dodgers
69.  Robin Roberts - Phillies

I love the Alou card - he looks so angry at the umpire's call!  Easy win for the Giants if you ask me (even without the Marichal also helping San Fran's cause).

Pack 10:
12.  Bucky Dent - Yankees
46.  Johnny Bench - Reds

58.  Monte Irvin - Giants
72.  Rod Carew - Twins
84.  Wade Boggs - Red Sox

I like this set a lot, even if it does seem like every pack is chock full of Yankees, Red Sox, and Giants.  Maybe it's my own personal bias - but who can let facts cloud one's judgment anyhow?   Speaking of bias, I'm giving this pack to the Reds since Bench seems to be saying "come on, I dare you try and run on me."  Love it!


Hackenbush said...

Make a great name for a band, "One Angry Alou".

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