Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pick a Pair of Pack(s)

Tomorrow begins the fourth week of the semester already - it's hard to believe that we are about about a quarter of the way through the spring semester...especially given how cold it has been lately.  I guess the one advantage of the college where I work starting back on January 7 is that we will be finished for the year before April is out.  That should leave plenty of time for me to blog about baseball during the "prime" of the season.  However, right now I most definitely do not have a lot of here's a couple more quick packs out of my Fleer Ultra box.

Pack 9:
14.  Jose Guillen
17.  Walt Weiss
70.  Mark McGwire

I don't really like Big Mac all that much, but I can respect the great photo here.  In fact, this might the image that I think of when I think about the great home run chase.

78.  Albert Belle
118.  Billy Wagner
134.  Aaron Sele
172.  Curt Schilling
204.  Brad Fullmer
90G.  Gold Medallion:  Kevin Brown

Once again, the Gold Medallion card is available for trade should someone be a secret Kevin Brown collector.

5 of 15 WP.  World Premier:  Matt Anderson

The World Premier inserts are seeded 1:18 packs which makes them close to a one-per-box set.  Like the other insert sets, this one is also embossed.  It looks a bit better in person as compared to the scan, but even so it's not the most impressive insert that I've ever seen.

Pack 10:
29.  Charles Johnson
33.  Todd Zeile
51.  Bret Boone
58.  Willie McGee
81.  Omar Vizquel
127.  Justin Thompson
180.  Mo Vaughn
185.  Tony Clark
244.  Prospect:  Preston Wilson

40G.  Gold Medallion:  Rusty Greer

Not much to say about that pack - getting another short print was nice I guess.  Yep, Monday's coming.


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