Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shiny Webb (Not a Spider Web)

There are only four packs remaining in the Fleer Flair Showcase box.  I'm guessing I'll be able to finish that box off by the end of today - especially since I'm going to begin the day by opening half the remaining packs!

Pack 15:
26.  A.J. Burnett - Blue Jays
44.  Jeremy Accardo - Giants
48.  Ivan Rodriguez - Tigers
70.  Jeff Francoeur - Braves
148.  Mike Mussina - Yankees

The Mussina is a field level card for those who are wondering.  It's certainly enough to give the Yankees the pack win.

Pack 16:
52.  Jason Kubel - Twins
56.  Scott Feldman - Rangers
75.  Greg Maddux - Cubs
80.  Derrek Lee - Cubs
182.  Brandon Webb - Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks stole the pack win away from the Cubs by having a Suite Level card of Brandon Webb.  The Suite Level cards are seeded 1 per box (I believe) giving the D-backs their own "box hit" of sorts.  That leaves 20 of the 30 teams without at least one "box hit" - though some probably do have a box hit (I just couldn't tell based on pack odds and my limited internet research)!


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