Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Last of the Group Break Packs!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The end is nigh.  Hide the women and children.

It's the last two packs of the group break.

And they are both 2009 Donruss Americana.

On second thought, bring the women back out from hiding.  We probably need their assistance to identify any of the subjects.

Wait, the voice in my ear is saying that is sexist.

Ok, fine.  My bad.

We should all hide.

Maybe the packs will open themselves.

And while they are at it, maybe the cards will package themselves up (and mail themselves).  If they did, group breaks would be a heckuva lot more fun to host.

Pack 9:
14.  Eddie Deezen
37.  John Buccigross
52.  George A. Romero
71.  Tony Todd  - Silver (?) Proof:  #242/250

94.  Marton Csokas

Our second "hit" out of the Americana packs.  At this point in the break, any hit is a good one, right?!

Pack 10:
10.  Annette Charles

58.  James Duval
68.  Micky Dolenz
77.  Taryn Manning
100.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus

And with that pack - the break is officially over!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the various packs - we got quite a few cool cards overall.  My goal is to have all the group break packages in the mail no later than this coming Thursday.  Thanks all!


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