Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Who Wants a Hit? Group Break Love!

We are now cruising through the group break, even though it's only the first (full) day of pack busting.  Let's keep the good times rollin' with two more packs out of the Fleer Flair Showcase box before we move on to another one of the boxes.

Flair Showcase 2006:
Pack 3:
34.  Javier Vazquez - White Sox
74.  Frank Thomas - Athletics
79.  Chase Utley - Phillies
96.  Vernon Wells - Blue Jays
WF-3.  Wave of the Future:  Adam Wainwright - Cardinals

The Cardinals land their first insert of the break - and with it, their first pack win.  By the way, for those keeping track at home I didn't award a pack win to anyone for the FanFest box opened earlier today.  All of the other cards in the pack were of the "upper deck" common variety by the way.

Pack 4:
Note:  Only four cards in this pack since we got our first hit of the box!

16.   Rich Harden - Athletics
58.  Steve Stemle - Royals
HN-8.  Hot Numbers:  David Wright - Mets

SS-MI.  Game-Used Card:  Mike Piazza - Padres

Woah!  What a nice pack so early in the break!  As a mathematician, I'm happy to land the David Wright Hot Numbers card mostly because of the numerical theme.  However, the real prize of the pack is the Mike Piazza relic.  Although he is pictured as a Met, this card goes to the Padres because that is the clear team designation on the card (which is what I go by when determining what team gets a certain card).  Once again, the Padres get a pack win!


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