Friday, February 01, 2013

1999 Fleer Ultra - The Box Ripping Continues!

I didn't want my latest box to open (1999 Fleer Ultra) to completely dominate my blog content.  On the other hand, I'd prefer this box break not go on for weeks on end...there is a growing pile of cards on my desk that will need to be placed in a binder!  Since I didn't open any packs yesterday, let's rip two this morning.

Pack 15:
16.  Brady Anderson
34.  Todd Helton
66.  Jose Offerman
99.  Jeff King
120.  Jason Schmidt
138.  Paul Konerko
146.  Dmitri Young
206.  Jose Canseco
175G.  Gold Medallion:  Mike Hampton

6 of 20 BO.  The Book On...  Jeff Bagwell

A pair of Reds - and a pair of Astros inserts.  Not a bad pack - and perhaps a certain Astros fan will be interested in the gold Hampton?  The bad news from the pack is that I ended up with my first duplicate:  Jose Canseco.  He's available for trade as well - the rest of the base are not since I plan on completing this set!

Pack 16:
4.  Tino Martinez
45.  Eli Marrero
112.  Mike Stanley
137.  Neifi Perez
159.  Ismael Valdes
166.  Randy Johnson
174.  Dustin Hermanson
188.  Jeff Shaw

106G.  Gold Medallion:  Ray Durham

17 of 20 BO.  The Book On...  Nomar Garciaparra

Another The Book On... insert card, plus a goofy Gold Medallion card.  The real highlight though is the Jeff Shaw base card - great, great photo!


tourist504 said...

Pitcher batting + floating bat = you should totally send that Mike Hampton card to Dime Box Nick!

Also Jeff Shaw stretching. I think Nick likes cards depicting stretching.

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