Thursday, February 28, 2013

Challenge Accepted! (Nacho Green Challenge)

A few weeks ago, I received a trade package in the mail from Roy over at Plain Gray Swatch.  Roy sent me a bunch of Reds cards (which I'll get to in a moment) but he also sent along a letter which made me think of a new blog challenge (for all bloggers out there):

The Nacho Green Challenge

As an introduction, here's Roy's letter - the part that served as my muse for the challenge is in the PS portion of the letter.

That's right.  Roy happened to notice that he and I have sent the same yellow envelope back and forth three times.  In terms of being "green", he and I are doing a fairly good job!  Hence, the Nacho Green Challenge.  How many back-and-forth trades can you make with someone using the same yellow envelope?  Eventually I would imagine the envelope will pretty much fall apart (or possibly be mangled by the USPS).  Can you beat three times?

Actually, you are going to have to beat four times because this particular envelope will be going back out in the mail headed back to Roy before too terribly long (probably next week when I'm on spring break)!

Now that the challenge has been described, I'm interested to see if anyone can do better.  Of course, it doesn't have to be a back-and-forth trade with me (although I'd be happy to trade).

As for the latest package?  Well, inside was a small pile of Reds cards.  Here's a quick top 4 - plus one "dishonorable mention."

#4:  2011 Topps:  Zack Cozart Blue Border

I still don't know for sure what these cards are (Wal*Mart parallels maybe?) but they are pretty nice looking.  This particular card is even better because Rickie Weeks is about to be called out by a good six feet.  That guy annoys me to no end for some reason.

#3:  2012 Bowman Chrome:  Joey Votto

Joey Votto (or rather #JoeyVotto as he's referred to on Twitter for the Face of Major League Baseball contest going on using Twitter hash tags.  It's down with Matt Kemp I say - vote #JoeyVotto!

#2:  1990 Topps: Herm Winningham

If all goes well, I'll be adding some new sets to my want list over spring break.  One such set that I plan on adding to my list is the 1990 Topps set.  I'm guessing many of you will be just as happy to get rid of your '90 Topps as you were your '91 Donruss back when I collected that set in record time.

#1:  2012 Topps Chrome:  Mat Latos

If I had to select a current Reds player to collect, Latos would get strong consideration.  The dude might be slightly crazy at times (and I don't personally dig all the tattoos) but the guy has a lot of heart and emotion that he wears on his sleeve.  It's actually refreshing to see a guy that seems to genuinely care how he performs on the diamond.

As for the dishonorable mention, it's this Fleer Game Time card of Sean Casey...

Seriously.  What is up with the unnecessary pixelation of Casey's torso in the larger image?  Was Fleer afraid their images were too crystal clear at the time?  Not cool.

Thanks for the cards Roy - and for inspiring a "green" challenge just in time for spring.  Look for a return package before too terribly long.  As for anyone else - wanna trade?  Check my want list (and vote #JoeyVotto).


Roy-Z said...


With some packing tape reinforcement, these bubble mailers can last forever.

Stitch it up and send it back. I've already got more Redz.

Doc said...

Encase the mailer in duct tape and you can use it forever!


I once reshipped a mailer to David at Tribe Cards. I left his return address on it so it was shipped to him,from him !

I have a box full of used mailers I always go through before shipping out cards.

I have thrown out s a few though.

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