Monday, February 18, 2013

Lazer-Cut Pacific Goodness!

I've been dragging my feet in terms of how quickly I've opened up the 1999 Pacific Aurora box.  Mostly I've done that because once the box is complete I won't have anything new to open for quite some time based on my current budget.  Even so, today's post marks the two-third completion milestone for the box.  It will soon be 24 packs down with only 12 remaining.  Enjoy my witty commentary (or not-so-witty, whichever).

Pack 23:
15.  Tom Glavine

It's not often you get a photo of Glavine batting on a baseball card (even if it is on the back of the card).  So far, I'm digging the back of the cards as much as the front (and that's meant to be a compliment).
31.  John Valentin
This is the final Red Sox in the set.  One thing I like about the Aurora set is that the players are sorted by teams (and #32 in the set is Rod Beck, a Cub).
62.  Todd Helton

Based on this pack, it's safe to say this is only the second best Rockies card in the pack.
103.  Fernando Vina
Yet another Brewer.  For some reason, I seem drawn to Brewers - both in terms of this box and in terms of group breaks where I'm assigned a "random" team.  Shockingly, the Brewers always seem to be one of the unclaimed teams no matter what era of boxes is busted.
170.  Ellis Burks
Pack 23 contained five base cards and I happened to need all five of them.  That's a good thing since I'm hoping to land a full base set from this one box.
On Deck Laser-Cuts:  8.  Larry Walker

Another Laser-Cuts card - and it's gorgeous.  I'm absolutely loving the Laser-Cuts.  So much so that I might try and track down the full set!  What a great pack.

Pack 24:
29.  Darren Lewis

Once again, a great photo resides on the back of a base card.
51.  Sandy Alomar Jr.
Getting Indians cards is always a bit of bummer in a set ordered by team because it cuts into the number of possible Reds cards in the set (this is because alphabetically the Indians always follow the Reds).
69.  Dean Palmer
This is the first Tigers card out of the box that isn't miscut slightly.  In a strange twist, so far ONLY the Tiger cards have been off-center.  Weird.
104.  Marty Cordova
The Twins haven't exactly been well represented so far.  In fact, this is only the second Minnesota card out of the box.
113.  Wilton Guerrero
This is the first duplicate out of tonight's pair of packs - and it's of the wrong Guerrero.  I wonder how often 'ol Wilton was referred to as the "wrong Guerrero."  I'm betting it's happened more than once, poor guy.  I take it back, he's not the wrong Guerrero...he's just the less-desirable Guerrero.  I'm guessing that didn't help matters.  Moving on.
172.  Bill Mueller
Not a bad ending to the pack - another card that I needed.  In those two packs I landed 10 new base cards, 1 great insert, and only 1 duplicate.  I'll take that.


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