Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Short Prints are Annoying.

You can tell that I'm near the end of the 1999 Fleer Ultra box since you are reading back-to-back pack posts!  After this post, there will be only two packs remaining.  Once the entire box is busted, I'll have to sort everything (including the few cards that I previously owned from the set) and then I'll be offering up the extras for trade.  I've already decided that I'll be chasing the base set for sure - and probably the short prints (though I'm not sure what sort of trade market exists for a set from 1999)...

Pack 21:
11.  Carlos Perez
15.  Bartolo Colon
25.  Andruw Jones

50.  Vinny Castilla
57.  Eric Milton
162.  Jason Giambi
190.  Roger Clemens
199.  Jeff Cirillo
246.  Prospect:  Luis Ordaz

139G.  Gold Medallion:  Barry Bonds

That was a great pack!  The Andruw Jones photo is absolutely perfect, the Bonds Gold Medallion is quite nice, and then a short printed prospect card topped it all off.  Good stuff - and easily one of the best packs of the box.

Pack 22:
19.  David Segui
39.  Mickey Morandini
55.  Jay Powell
98.  Travis Lee
119.  Ed Sprague
129.  Mike Caruso
176.  Shawn Green
208.  Hideo Nomo
247.  Prospect:  George Lombard

121G.  Gold Medallion:  Edgar Martinez

Another short printed prospect card (seeded 1:4 packs) means I have now found five of the six cards that I ought to find within the 24 pack box.  Did I ever mention how annoying short prints are?


Scott Sawyer said...

Lombard was supposed to play football at UGA but the Braves drafted him as an "athlete." Turned out to be a totally wasted effort.

I'd love that Andruw if you want to trade it.

Chris Reed said...

Scott - shoot me an email. I had a copy of the Jones card before so this one is available for trade.

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