Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Break is Almost Here!

I've finally finished off my box of 1999 Pacific Aurora cards which is bittersweet for me since it means that while I have no more new cards to open I can also finally get around to cleaning off my desk a bit.  This week happens to be the week before my college goes on spring break which means I've been busy writing review worksheets and exams for my classes.  As such, I haven't been good at getting back to people who have offered me trade requests.  That said, I WILL get to everyone soon since I have all next week off!  Hang in there if you haven't heard back, I appreciate your patience.

Now that you know how busy I am, let's see if I can't get a few more trade requests for me to respond to shortly...  I'd really like to empty out some of my excess baseball cards so here's a visual sampler of available cards (in case you don't feel like reading my text list).

All of the following are available for trade - you know what I'm looking for.

There are plenty more 2012 Allen & Ginter cards available here - including a bunch of other minis and box toppers.


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