Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Final Four: Halfway Home!

It's finally here - the final four packs out of the 1999 Pacific Aurora box.  I think at this point the only one interested in the packs remaining is me.  You are all probably sick and tired of Pacific...after all, no one else seems to love the craziness that Pacific was known for quite as much as I do.

I began posting the packs on the blog though so now that there are only four packs remaining in the box it'd be foolish to quit.  Here's the fourth and third to last packs.

Pack 33:
29.  Darren Lewis

35.  Mickey Morandini
61.  Derrick Gibson
141.  Gary Bennett
168.  Marvin Benard
184.  Jose Canseco

Not much exciting to say about that pack.  I needed four of the six (only Lewis and Bennett were duplicates).  

Pack 34:
31.  John Valentin
104.  Marty Cordova
132.  Bernie Williams
161.  Trevor Hoffman
172.  Bill Mueller

190.  Tom Goodwin

This pack is the nail in the coffin in terms of my dreams of completing the full base set from this box alone.  I ended up with four of the six cards being duplicates - and I'm now missing more base cards than there are cards remaining to be opened.  It's a big disappointment to be sure - but at least it'll allow me to add more stuff to my want list.


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