Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Big 'Ol Trade Box - Part 2

A couple of days ago, I showed off the first part of a trade with Dennis from Too Many Verlanders.  In that post, I showed the various Barry Larkin cards that Dennis sent my way.  I would say that I'm a set collector first, a Barry Larkin collector second, and then a Reds collector third.  Luckily for me, Dennis hit the Larkin portion nicely and, as you'll soon see, he really helped out with my Reds collection too!

I haven't yet managed to track down various Reds checklists from all of the sets in existence, so for now I'm happy taking any Reds with the hopes that I'll end up with enough new cards to make the trade worthwhile.  In the gigantic box that Dennis sent my way, I fared well - plenty of cool new cards (plus some old favorites).

As I often do, I planned on doing a Top 10 for the box.  However, after looking through the gigantic stack of Reds I ended up with way more than 10 to show off.  Thus, today's post will be the "not quite Top 10" and I'll post the actual Top 10 in Part 3 of the trade post.

We'll begin our tour through the last few cards cut from the Top 10 list with a pair of 2005 Topps Chrome Reds.

Back in 2005, I had high hopes for the Reds.  Unfortunately, the Reds went 73-89 en route to a fifth place finish.  Nothing quite sums up that disappointing year like these two cards.  Austin Kearns was a much ballyhooed prospect who never became a superstar while Harang pitched admirably for terrible Reds teams (and then became a terrible pitcher himself once the Reds became respectable).  I feel like a Cubs fan for putting two cards in my almost-Top 10 list which remind me of losing.

Luckily, it wasn't all doom and gloom reminders in the box.  In fact, one of my all-time favorite cards was in the box - this Jay Bruce "playoff clinching home run" shot.

I know I've featured that card many times before but I can't help but be a bit mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

Another card that I happen to love but ultimately had to cut from my Top 10 - this Ken Griffey Jr. card from the Upper Deck Baseball Heroes set.

I collected the entire Baseball Heroes set back when it came out - if I recall they were $15.00 blasters which was nice plus the parallels were pretty (though I had no idea about the colors).  I think I still have a few duplicates left over from this set but I guess I never did make a Trade Bait page for the set.  Maybe that's something I should consider doing, I'm guessing other people would be interested in the set (especially since it is loaded with stars and favorite players on an iconic design).

One thing that is iconic but I wish wasn't:  Topps Update sets.

I simply don't have the interest in the Updates, Highlights, or whatever else they call it.  I did collect the update set one year in a moment of weakness, but don't hold that against me.  After all, I collected two years' worth of Upper Deck Spectrum so I'm clearly a bit deranged.

Anyhow, although I don't usually like the Update set, there are occasionally nice cards in that set - case in point:  this Brandon Phillips All-Star card.

The back of the card says "Brandon, somewhat under-appreciated as one of the most complete second baseman in the game..."  How can someone be somewhat under-appreciated?  Either you are, or you aren't.

Moving on to someone who was an appreciated player, but not so much as an announcer.

That's right, Joe Morgan.

Turkey Red Joe Morgan no less.

I like that it looks like Morgan is towering over a row of condominiums out behind the right field fence.  I don't like that someone would build a bunch of condos in the shadows of ugly warehouses and factories.

Finally, the hardest card to keep off of my Top 10 list...

Ultimately, it came down to the fact that I've never actually heard of the guy before I received his card...

...but with a name like Noochie, how could I not include him somewhere on the blog?

That's right.

Noochie Varner.

Eat your heart out Oil Can Boyd.


Didn't someone sing about wanting the Noochie?  Oh, that was the Nookie.  Close enough.

And a quick Google search showed a Brewers-centric blog with an article all about Noochie.  Good stuff.

Thanks for the trade Dennis!  One more post featuring the Top 10 (non-Larkin) cards in the box and this trade package will be one for the history books.  Anyone else want to trade - check out my want list and make an offer.


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