Listia Out, Listia In.

I've been spending a bit of time each week gathering up and scanning a few cards that I think have the potential to sell over on Listia.  With the success of my sales, I have also been trying to pick up interesting cards for myself (plus the occasional LEGO set).

My latest acquisition Is an authentic 1965 Topps card that I scored for just over 1,100 credits.

Considering what I've been selling lately, it is as if I traded four cards from 1990 - 1998 for the Reds Rookie Stars card.  That's a trade I'd make any day!

Listia can be a lot of fun - and there's something that's nice about sending a single card (or receiving a single card) in PWE rather than forking over in excess of $2.00 at the post office for a bubble mailer!

If you happen to want to help me acquire more random stuff from Listia, feel free to check out the cards that I currently have for sale.


  1. McCool is the best name since McLovin, only McCool is an actual name. AWESOME.


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