MLB Predictions: Part III (AL West)

Welcome to part three of my 2013 MLB Predictions.  For this post, we move to the AL West - a division that now has the same number of teams as the rest of the divisions (five instead of four).  While one might think that would lessen the chances of the other AL West teams making the playoffs, I have a feeling that getting to beat up on Houston will be healthy for all four "original" AL West teams (at least for this year).

AL West - 2013:
1.  Angels
2.  Athletics
3.  Mariners
4.  Rangers
5.  Astros

The Angels have enough talent to win the division.  Of course, they had enough talent last year as well but that didn't work out for them.  Even so, I don't see them botching two years in a row - especially given the pressure that will come from the nearby Dodgers for fans and media coverage.

I've got the Athletics second, though I don't know why for sure.  I guess I'm a believe in their small market approach to baseball.  The are definitely the David to the Angels' Goliath.

In third, I've got Seattle narrowly edging the Rangers (who I think are destined to fall this year).

Finally, the Astros.  I haven't seen a single person who thinks this team will finish out of the basement - in fact, almost everyone pegs them as a 100+ loss team.  Given the sell off of all their players, it's hard to imagine Houston being any good...but you never know for sure - that's why they play the games!


  1. I sure hope the A's can repeat the performance they pulled off last year. Go A's!


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