MLB Predictions: Part IV (NL West)

Now that the my American League predictions are in the books, let's turn our attention to the real league - the National League.  Since I began with the East in the AL, let's switch things up and begin with the West in the NL.

NL West - 2013:
1.  Giants
2.  Dodgers
3.  Padres
4.  Diamondbacks
5.  Rockies

The Giants have been great lately (two World Series in three years) and yet no one seems to give them any respect.  Sure, the Reds should have beat them in three games (stupid Scott Rolen error) but that's just sour grapes on my end.

Ignoring my personal bias, I slotted the Giants in as the division winner - too much pitching for them to finish anywhere but first.  Plus, Posey is a true beast.  Like most people who have made predictions, I too see the Dodgers as a good team this year (for all the cash they spent they better be a good team)!  That said, I don't see them quite toppling the Giants.

The San Diego Padres are my pick for NL sleeper team (Royals get my sleeper nod in the AL).  I don't anticipate the Fightin' Friars making the playoffs but I do think that they will be a team that people won't necessarily want to face.

The Diamondbacks and Rockies both appear destined to have losing seasons this year.  I can't come up with any plausible scenario where either team is able to finish ahead of the Giants, Dodgers, or Padres.  At least there's always next year.