MLB Predictions: Part VI (NL East)

It's finally here - both the MLB season and the end of my MLB predictions.  Well, it's my final division prediction post.  I think I'll do one more giving my thoughts on the playoffs.

NL East - 2013:
1.  Nationals
2.  Braves
3.  Phillies
4.  Mets
5.  Marlins

You know what would be a fun match up?  The Marlins vs. the Astros...with the loser being forced to go to AA.  I think that would fair for both franchises.

As for the NL East, this is a division of "haves" and "have notes."  Unlike the AL East, I don't see anyway for the Phillies, Mets, or Marlins to claim the divisional crown.  Basically, it's the Nationals or Braves and that's it.  I happened to pick the Nats because they seem stacked (at least on paper).  Harper, Strasburgh (without an innings limit), and the rest of the team should have more than enough to propel themselves to an easy divisional crown.

The Braves are the only team that I can see who has a shot at dethroning the Nationals.  Unfortunately, I don't think the Braves are deep enough to compete if they get an injury to any of their major players.  The Nats, on the other hand, probably have enough depth to cover almost every vital player.

In third, I've picked the rapidly aging Phillies.  In a lot of ways, the Phillies are the NL version of what the Yankees are about to become...old and decaying.

Fourth place goes to the Mets - a team that I see almost no upside for this year...but they should still beat the fifth place Marlins by at least 10 games.  The Marlins ought to stink to high heaven this year.


  1. You've said it right. Implement the promote/demote like in the football in MLB and you'll see that the bottom teams would do more than now.

    Not going to playoffs is not enough to keep the competion interesting until the end.


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