MLB Predictions: Part VII (Playoffs)

Now that I've managed to go through each of the six divisions, let's turn our attention to the MLB Playoffs for 2013.  Here's how I see it.

NL East:  Nationals
NL Central:  Reds
NL West:  Giants
Wild card #1:  Cardinals
Wild card #2:  Dodgers

Just missing out:  Braves

AL East:  Blue Jays
AL Central:  Tigers
AL West:  Angels
Wild card #1:  Athletics
Wild card #2:  Rays

Just missing out:  Orioles, White Sox

Wild card:
NL wild card play in winner:  Cardinals
AL wild card play in winner:  Rays

Nationals defeat Cardinals
Reds defeat Giants
Nationals defeat Reds

Tigers defeat Rays
Blue Jays defeat Angels
Tigers defeat Blue Jays

World Series:
Nationals over Tigers in 6 games

I would love to pick my Reds to win the World Series but given how they've bowed out in the first round of the playoffs in two of the last three years, I'm going to hold out hope they make it round 2 as part of a baby steps program.  Either way, the Nationals look so loaded that I think they have the best chance to represent the NL this year.  If the Nats do make it to the World Series, I like their pitching better than Detroits - and so this year is proclaimed to be the year of Washington!

Good luck to all the teams - except those playing the Reds!