Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 10

With the completion of today's page, we will have 90 cards fully scanned and detailed this week.  I'm impressed by my efficiency, even if no one else is.  I do hope you aren't sick of the posts - I'm going a bit overboard on the theme posts this week, aren't I?

What can I say though, I find this set fascinating!

Page 10:

Best photo:  Dwight Eisenhower
Doesn't his photo remind you of Barney Fife?  That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo - and no other photo can trump that image (even if John Quincy Adams is pissed about my decision).  John Quincy Adams is pretty much pissed about all things it appears.
Image source:

Best subject:  John Adams
There were quite a few options for "best subject" but I think John Adams deserves the nod as he is one of the most famous US politicians of all time.

Best surprise:  Silas Dean
A guy best known for securing France's help in the war for independence was a bit of surprise considering the other guys on the page include Woodrow Wilson, John Adams, and George Marshall.

Best card back:  Woodrow Wilson
All of the cards on this page have the same back, but Wilson's write-up includes the phrase "Wilsonian Internationalism" along with the words "underpinning", "lexicon", and "advocacy."  I'm guessing you won't find too many other baseball cards with those words on the back of the card.  Speaking of that, major kudos to Topps for all of their subject write-ups, the set appears to be written by people with some level of intelligence (and vernacular skills to boot).  Wonderful stuff.

Best card:  John Quincy Adams
I might not be able to give him the award for best photo but...his image is so haunting that giving the best card award to anyone else might be enough to make Quincy Adams haunt me for the rest of my time on this planet.


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