Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 19

It's taken me all week, but I've managed to scan almost every page out of my 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Edition set binder.  Here's page 19...

Page 19:

Unfortunately, I'm missing 2/9 of the cards on this page...inserts from the set have been hard to come by lately since no one seems to be opening the product any more (and those that did either traded their inserts away or else put their cards away a long time ago).

Once again, although all the players featured were great players in their own right, I don't think they were heroes (besides perhaps Jim Brown).  I like the Wagner car dbest - sort of looks like he's playing ball next to a covered bridge or something (despite said bridge being over land).

This is the final full page of the Heroes of Sport cards in my binder - the next page will conclude the Heroes of Sport set and then begin my favorite insert set in Topps American Heritage Heroes edition!  Stay tuned.