Monday, March 18, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 2

Continuing our progression through the American Heritage Heroes set.

Binder page #2:

The "theme" of the set changes every 10 cards - and with the change in theme there is a corresponding theme in Topps card design.  The first 10 cards are military heroes.  The next batch of 10 are political heroes.

Best photo:  Claiborne Pell
Pell's photo isn't particularly special, but it looks special when surrounded by all the other "old timey" looking cards.  He looks like a scientist but he was actually a politician.  As a college professor, I am quite familiar with Pell Grants - named after him.

Best subject:  Charles Weltner
A southern politician who actually voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Best surprise:  George Mason
Mason was mad that the Constitution didn't focus on individual rights enough.  So mad, in fact, that he didn't sign American's most famous document as a protest of sorts.

Best card back:  Thomas Jefferson
The card refers to Jefferson as an "astute political philosopher and brilliant polymath."  I had never heard the word polymath before so kudos to Topps for teaching both history and language!

Best card:  Abraham Lincoln
Looking at the page objectively, Lincoln is probably the most fitting to be called a "political hero."  Unfortunately, this set is overrun with Lincoln (as you'll see towards the end of the set) but that shouldn't dissuade me from choosing him here.


Nick said...

I've often thought about creating a separate blog to show off my 2009 American Heritage completed sets, both the regular and the Heroes Edition.

While I doubt I'll ever do that, I'll definitely be enjoying these posts of yours!

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