Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 20

As I mentioned in last night's post, the 2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes Edition set focus now shifts away from the first insert set that I'm working on (Heroes of Sport) and into the second (Heroes of Spaceflight).  The Heroes of Spaceflight insert set is by far my favorite insert in the entire set - it might even be my favorite insert set of 2009!

Page 20:

Before I get to the awesome space cards, let me address the missing card in the middle of the page.  That's a missing retail checklist - #1 of 2 to be precise.  Unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever find one of those for sale - so if you have one lying around please let me know...I love having complete checklists to go with my sets in binders!

Now, on to the some of the best cards in the set - the Heroes of Spaceflight cards.

The set has a total of 28 cards (of which I am still missing nine).

Happily for me though, I have the first three including the Mercury 6 card which celebrates Friendship 7 - the mission that sent John Glenn into orbit (and returned him back to Earth safely).

As you can see, the card features the mission patch and a photo of the actual capsule that Glenn was in.  It's a great design - and the back includes just enough information to keep you interested with being bogged down by the details.