Monday, March 18, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 3

The week has barely begun and we are already up to cards #19-27 in the set.  At this rate, I might actually finish the entire set in a week.

Page 3:

Best photo:  Ronald Reagan
Whether you love or loathe Reagan, that is a perfect patriotic image of the ex-commander-in-chief.  I don't think you could frame a more patriotic image if you tried (except maybe to have a bit of the blue from the flag showing).

Best subject:  Barack Obama
Again, ignoring the politics, Obama's election was a huge deal in 2009 when the set was released.  Like Lincoln, the set does suffer from Obama overload (but that will come later).

Best surprise:  Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Most of the figures on the page dedicated their lives to equality among races.  Stanton dedicated her life to the women's movement beginning back in 1848.

Best card back:  Sojourner Truth
Truth (originally born under the name Isabella Baumfree) was born a slave and eventually escaped.  According to the back of her card, she was sold at age 9 for $100 plus a flock of sheep.

Best card:  Frank Robinson
While Robinson is arguably the least "heroic" of all the subjects on the page, he still gets my vote for best card because of both my Reds and baseball bias.  Robinson was excellent player who went on to become the first African-American manager in MLB in 1974.  He was also basketball teammates with Bill Russell in high school.  And now you know.


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