Monday, March 18, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 4

Here is the next page out of the set.  Have I convinced you to track and track this set down yet?  It's full of historical goodness!

Page 4:

Best photo:  Alexander Shaler
I love how old the photo looks with the printer spots on the card.  I almost gave this to Mother Jones but she was simply a little too creepy looking to award with best card.  Plus, the "wobblies" reminds me of Wobble Baby.

Best subject:  Emma Willard
A woman who advocated for women's education is almost enough for me to give her the nod without any other considerations.  However, the back of the card says that Emma taught herself Geometry because women were thought to be incapable of the subject in her time.  A woman teaching herself math?  Sold.

Best surprise:  Ed Pulaski
Pulaski created the Pulaski - an axe still used today.

Best card back:  Emma Willard
It mentions mathematics (see above).

Best card:  Emma Willard
Our first "clear favorite" in this little exercise.  Congrats to the Willard, I'm sure she'd approve of a male teacher telling her she's the best.  Actually, she'd probably stomp me into the ground but whatever.


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