Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 9

We continue our journey through the 2009 American Heritage Heroes set with page 9 out of the binder.

Page 9:

Best photo:  Helen Keller
I don't know much about Keller's actual personality - but her photo makes her look positively regal (as I sort of imagine her).

Best subject:  Eleanor Roosevelt
Roosevelt used her position as the wife of a president to advocate for many, many groups and causes (and quite successfully it should be noted).  I'm not sure if she was the first first-lady to do such things, but she is probably the first one to do so well!

Best surprise:  Erin Brockovich
I imagine most people (including myself) know about Erin Brockovich from the movie that bears her name.  I'd have to go back through the first 8 pages to verify, but I believe her photo is the first actual "cleavage shot" that Topps seems to love including these days (especially in Allen & Ginter).

Best card back:  Harry S. Truman
I have a soft spot in my heart for the 1989 Topps design - so the one '89 designed card on the page wins easily!

Best card:  Helen Keller
Her card seems to fit her perfectly and she is the perfect embodiment of a hero (in terms of the disabilities that she overcame).


hiflew said...

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first first lady with special causes that every first lady has now. Before Roosevelt, first ladies were party hosts and little more.

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